“The Japanese Culture Book (Japanese / English)” on sale now


Enjoy traditional and avant-garde Japanese pop culture

Tokyo, February 2, 2015 – The Japan Times, Ltd. released a new bilingual Japanese / English book showcasing the rich and diverse culture of Japan. The book covers various aspects of Japan, from traditional culture to the latest trends.

“The Japan Culture Book” is primarily intended as an English learning resource for Japanese readers who want to talk about their culture in English, but it is also usable for all English readers who are interested in Japanese culture. .

Strong points:

1) 12 chapters: music / art / manga / literature / performing arts / anime, games, characters / religion and spirituality / geido, the way of the arts / cinema / cuisine / fashion / architecture (Appendices: geography / periods of the history of Japan)

2) Each chapter contains various topics: from traditional topics such as ukiyo-e, Kabuki, Bunraku (puppet theater) and Ozu movies, to newer ones such as manga, otaku and fashion kawaii.

3) The book is richly illustrated, with photos, film footage, and manga and anime character images that will help readers visually understand the content.

4) The content focuses on the diversity of Japanese culture and stereotypes about Japan. It will help readers view Japanese culture from several angles.

5) Sleek design, pocket size
* This book is printed on FSC certified environmentally friendly paper.

Product Details:

Title: “The Japan Culture Book” (Japanese title: Eigo by Nihon Bunka no Hon)
Release date: On sale in bookstores in Japan after the end of January
Price: 2,160 yen (sales tax included)
Format: 128 mm × 188 mm, 308 pages in two colors
ISBN: 978-4-7890-1580-6


Miura Fumiko was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. While studying the theory and practice of art and design at the University of Tokyo, she began to travel to various parts of the world and then spent a year in London. In Japan, she has worked as an interior designer of commercial buildings, editor of books and magazines on culture and the arts, researcher for foreign journalists on international issues, as well as a non-fiction writer and photographer. She has interviewed hundreds of people, ranging from artists and scientists to astronauts. Her interest in cultural migration prompted her to study phenomena such as the culture of Japanese immigrants from Hawaii. Among his publications is the book Fair Trade Trail (3A Corporation, 2008), a survey of the fair trade movement around the world.

Alain gleason was born in the United States and spent his childhood in Tokyo, Japan.
Returning to Tokyo in his twenties to study traditional Japanese and Okinawan music, he also began working as a translator. Since then, he has translated and edited numerous books on Japanese music, art, theater, history and politics. He has also translated numerous manga and was the editor of the English translation of the internationally acclaimed manga series Barefoot Gen, a ten-volume account of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. He currently lives in Tokyo, where he edits and writes for Artscape Japan web magazine and Books from Japan Japanese literature site.

About the Japan Times

The Japan Times is the best-selling English-language newspaper in the country, offering an unparalleled diversity and depth of original English-language reporting on Japan. With our coverage of politics, business, culture, society and sports, The Japan Times has been Japan’s global showcase since the newspaper was founded in 1897.

From October 2013, the Japan Times entered a new phase in its 117-year history with the launch of “The Japan Times / International New York Times”. By packing the Japan Times with the global edition of the widely respected newspaper The New York Times, we bring our readers the best of English-language journalism available in Japan and around the world.

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