Should Oman follow the Japanese education system?


Muscat: The Public Authority for Investment Promotion and Export Development (Ithraa) recommended that Oman follow Japan’s pioneering educational philosophy to boost knowledge-based industries in the Sultanate.

According to its recently published report “Briefings From Oman: Education Talent and Work”, Oman’s economic future has much to gain from “Tokkatsu,” Japan’s focus on educating “the whole world”. ‘child’.

Focused on the development of multiple aspects of a student’s development, the practice aims to improve communication, values, problem-solving and practices that educate the whole child in different cultural contexts.

The report states: “Ambitious countries as well as cities have learned that economic domination relies on a high quality education system – a system that understands the importance and value of preschool, internships, apprenticeships. , from diploma programs to vocational training. .

“Consider Japan, for example, it has few natural resources and emerged after WWII with its industrial base almost destroyed. motivation, collaborative learning, learning by doing and teacher training.

“The result has been decades of impressive economic growth, during which Japan has become the world’s second-largest economy, only recently overtaken by China, which has a population 10 times that of Japan and is building its own impressive education system.

Ithraa’s report comes as the Sultanate continues to improve and refine its education system, which has seen more than four decades of rapid growth. Since then, Oman’s general education sector has grown to include 1,681 schools and a total of 666,297 students.


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