All emus that escaped from ranch in southwestern Japanese town captured


An emu that escaped from a ranch can be seen in this photo provided by a local resident.

KIKUCHI, Kumamoto – All the emus that escaped from a tourist ranch in this southwestern Japanese town on October 7 were captured on October 10.

The Kikuchi municipal government and the farm announced on October 10 that they had found the last three outside and rounded them up the same day.

About 20 people, including farm staff, searched for the large birds on October 10, according to a source close to the ranch. The latter was found in a pre-harvest paddy field about 500 meters from the ranch, and was captured around 12 p.m. : 30 pm The source commented, “I’m glad they were found safe and sound.”

The ranch is located on the former site of a closed elementary school and retains 54 emus. After about 20 of them escaped in the early morning of October 7, farm staff and members of the local volunteer firefighting company searched for them. A source close to the ranch said a gate to the compound was opened possibly after an emu struck it, and it is not known how many birds actually escaped in the turmoil.

(Japanese original from Takaharu Nishi, Local Minamata Office)


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